Self-Cleaning Double Glazed Glass

This is very exciting.

In 2007, we at Sashglass were the first people to bring you ultra-thin Slimlite units with a 5mm perimeter seal and a 10 year guarantee.

We are now pleased to announce the latest advance in window effectiveness; Slimlite Self-Cleaning units

How it works

Although it appears flat and smooth, glass has a rough surface on a microscopic level. Your windows get dirty because particles of airborne dirt, calcium and salt can build up in the gaps in the unevenness. Then, when falling rainwater hits the glass, it disperses or "sheets" on contact, depositing more dirt etc. The particles simply build up until we can see them.

slimlite self cleaning glass

Recent advances in the application of Nanotechnology, however, have allowed producers to create coatings with incredible adhesive properties. Our transparent nanostructure fuses to the glass and creates a new surface which cannot be removed by cleaning agents or high pressure hoses, and, like the units, has a 10 year guarantee.

self cleaning glass coating

This new coating is composed of tiny projections so small and tightly packed that dirt particles stay on the surface. When rainwater hits the coating it is unable to maintain surface contact and is forced to "bead". These droplets roll down the pane, picking up any dirt with their greater mass. This self-cleaning process is called the Lotus Effect, as it mimics the outer skin of the lotus leaf, in nature.

The effectiveness of the self-cleaning action is therefore dependent on the amount of rainfall. Heavy rain accelerates the action and light rainfall will take longer for it to activate. During very dry periods, simply spray water on the glass to start the self-cleaning process, likewise in sheltered areas and areas with high levels of pollution. Sap from adjacent trees should be cleaned off sooner rather than later using simple window cleaning products. Chemical and abrasive agents should not be used.

The added bonus of the new coating on our Slimlite units is it will improve scratch resistance and increase light transmission by up to 2%.

The new units will be available from March 2013.