Queen Anne style windows

Queen Anne Style Window

Up to 1774, and to be honest for a long time afterwards in the country at large, houses were constructed with sash windows flush to the face of the brickwork. This is known as Queen Anne style

(a style replicated later during the Arts and Crafts movement of the late Victorian period)

The face of the box( which houses the weights) is fully exposed, though often bordered by an architrave, and the glazing bars are thick and numerous, the panes of crown glass, small.

Slimlite’s reproduction Crown sheet can replicate the “wobble” found in glass of this age and enable you to double glaze the sashes as part of a refurbishment. Keep the wobble and keep warm.

“Slimlite produce a reproduction crown sheet which can form the front pane of a double glazed unit giving you all the advantages of double glazing and all the character of the original hand blown glass.”