Edwardian style windows

Edwardian Style Window

The late 19th century bought to the world of decorative arts the Arts and Crafts movement. This was a reaction against English Classicism, and the mass production of the previous 150 years. Edwardians utilised the technical advances in glass manufacture so that the bottom sash became a large “picture” window with, at most, one glazing bar. In the top sash, however, they housed many panes, often in thick square glazing bars, in a return to the “Queen Mary” style.(although the sashboxes stayed behind the brickwork.)

Slimlite can be made to any size or specification up to 2x1metre sq. The top sash, with many panes, could be replicated using a large single unit with timber “plant-on” bars. As the unit is so thin and the panes of glass only 4mm apart, you cannot see behind the front bar.